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Our Story

The Poppin’ Cobs popcorn brand “popped up” in the Fall of 2014 when Josh’s now wife Kate suggested that he grab a couple popcorn cobs out of his family’s popcorn field. She wanted to see if the popcorn would pop off the cob in the microwave. The answer was YES! It did pop! and Josh’s entrepreneurial friend Adam happened to be there to witness it as well. Josh and Adam quickly agreed that this was a product that needed to be enjoyed by others. They decided to re-visit the popcorn field and pick a few more popcorn cobs. Poppin’ Cobs Popcorn was born. The first cobs they picked popped and tasted ok but both agreed high quality popcorn was a must. For the 2015 growing season Josh and Adam worked with a local popcorn seed company to carefully select a variety of popcorn that was optimal for what they intended to do. They also determined innovative harvesting techniques and an optimal moisture that the popcorn must dry to before being harvested.

     A lot has changed in the past several years but the joy and passion for growing and harvesting high quality popcorn to share with our customers has not changed. With the help and support of our family and friends the brand continues to grow. We hope you enjoy our popcorn as much as we do!


The Poppin’ Cobs Family