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Our Story


Poppin’ Cobs Popcorn “popped up” in the Fall of 2014 when Josh’s wife, Kate, suggested that he grab a couple of popcorn cobs out of his family farm's popcorn field. She wanted to see if the popcorn would pop off the cob in the microwave. To their surprise, it popped right off the cob filling the microwave with popcorn. After tasting this fresh popcorn on the cob, Josh shared some with his entrepreneurial friend, Adam. Josh and Adam quickly agreed this unique way of making popcorn needed to be shared with others. They decided to head back to the popcorn field and hand pick more popcorn cobs. Poppin’ Cobs Popcorn was born! After selling out the first Poppin’ Cobs crop, Josh and Adam decided they would work with a local popcorn seed company to improve their popcorn. Together, they selected a variety of popcorn which is ideal for popping off the cob. This new variety combined with a special drying technique led to a unique, fresh, and crunchy popcorn. The new Poppin’ Cobs Popcorn was unlike anything they had ever tasted and something they were proud to call their own!

Although a lot has changed since hand picking that first crop, we continue to love growing, harvesting and sharing our high quality popcorn with you! With the help and support of our family and friends, Poppin’ Cobs Popcorn continues to grow!

From our farm to your kitchen – enjoy!

Josh and Adam