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Want to know exactly where your popcorn comes from? We can tell you, that is because all of our popcorn is grown on our Indiana family farm.

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It's Just Popcorn...

Looking for a fun and tasty snack without the guilt? Here are a few FAQ's about what our popcorn is and isn't.

Q: Does it pop directly off the cob?

A: Yes it really does. Each popcorn cob is packaged with a microwave popcorn bag. Place the popcorn cob in the bag and microwave for about 2 minutes, you will have a full bag of microwave popcorn.

Q: What do you add to the popcorn to make it pop off the cob?

A: Nothing! Our ingredient list is very short because there is only one. Popcorn! Nothing is added, no oils or butter are needed for a Poppin' Cob to pop in the microwave. The cob itself along with the moisture in the popcorn appropriately transmit heat in the microwave allowing for it to pop on its own without added ingredients.

Q: Are there any flavors added?

A: No there is not, if you are like most of us we would suggest adding some sort of seasoning. We recommend lightly salting the popcorn or trying a more non-traditional seasoning like cinnamon, paprika or black pepper. Consider adding a small amount of a healthy cooking oil or spray to help the seasoning stick to the popcorn.

Q: How do I know when the cob is done popping in the microwave?

A: All microwaves are a little different. As a general rule, you should stop at 1-2 seconds between pops so that you do not burn the popcorn. There will be some popcorn left on the cob (10-20%) but you will still have a full bag of popcorn. Be careful to roll the end of the bag a couple of times so that the steam from the bag can escape but the popcorn doesn't!