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Poppin’ Cobs Microwave Bag Voluntary Product Recall

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Poppin’ Cobs Popcorn 10 Pack Microwave Bag Recall

Poppin’ Cobs has received reports that the paper bags used to pop our "Poppin’ Cobs Popcorn 10 Pack” have the potential to catch fire in the microwave and may pose a fire hazard. This hazard is limited to those bags with the Poppin’ Cobs logo and “Microwave Instructions” in black ink printed on the outside of the bag and a date code of 042121. These bags were included in the Poppin’ Cobs on the cob popcorn 10 packs sold between 09/25/2019 and 01/20/2020.  Poppin’ Cobs requests consumers stop using these bags and request replacement bags at no charge.  
Please email replacement bag requests to Please include the total number of bags requested and an image confirming the date code on the bottom right side of the back of the box. 

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